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““I started working as a call girl in my early twenties. At the time, I thought it was my free choice, but as I’ve matured, I’ve realised that it wasn’t a “free” choice. It was a choice made by a mind damaged by childhood abuse. All the women I met when I was working had also suffered abuse as children, many far worse than the abuse I went through. I already had post traumatic stress disorder after sexual assaults when I was young. Working made it worse. I was raped and beaten on a couple of jobs. The media don’t like to show that happening to call girls, but it does. I wasn’t the only one either. The women I hung around with were all top London call girls. They were also raped and beaten on jobs too. And no one does anything. Not the agencies, the madams or the police. No one cares, and that’s even if they believe you, or believe you weren’t asking for it.”

XLondonCallGirl‘s words are not words that leave you in a hurry; For years, we’ve been sold an idea that prostitution can be a glamourous world, that women enter the sex trade through choice. But through her words on Soul Destruction, alonside those of other survivors of the trade, we’re shown the harsh reality. Soul-Destruction.com is a blog that will stay with you, long after you’ve read the last word, and they’ll change the way you see the sex industry.

The above quote is taken from XLondonCallGirl’s entry at soul-destruction.com XLondonCallGirl can be found on twitter @XLondonCallGirl